To the Editor:

Regarding the recent letter writer confessing his guilt: Prophets and gospel writers from Moses to Matthew have been trying to get people to admit their culpability in the world’s woes since Adam and Eve transgressed God’s law in the Garden of Eden.

Unfortunately, although confession is a good start, it’s not enough. Criminals confess their misdeeds on a regular basis but then claim temporary PTSD or some other such nonsense to escape judgment. The trick is to go and sin no more; but in the convoluted argument where the crimes range from being accessories in the world’s filthy industries polluting the world to politics and what have you, nobody knows how to stop it.

However, it doesn’t matter because in God’s economy, the bad news is that ignorance is no excuse; we are all guilty; we have been judged in God’s Court and have already been given the death penalty – Democrat or Republican, President or page, rich Wall Street broker or Main Street broke folk.

The good news is that the assessment that the species (us) will be annihilated is wrong. We the Bible believers disagree with that assessment, and I feel compelled to tackle it. According to Scripture, although we are sitting on death row, there is a supreme governor who has already granted us a pardon.

All one has to do is accept it – take it, it is freely given and freely offered, just follow the thief’s example on the cross when he made a confession of another sort and reached out to the Lord. Or be an unrepentant, tough guy, arrogant as was the other thief, and wait for sentencing to occur, post traumatic stress or not.

And that is one speaking his mind, not dancing around the issues … just good theology.

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