Alarmists among us are doing themselves and all of us a great disservice. Their mood of paranoia seems to be rising like a flashfire on the editorial pages of the Eagle.

They have us being torn limb from limb by wolves, enslaved by vague invisible forces, with terrorists for neighbors. I can't help but wonder where all this histeria is coming from and what can possibly be a constructive reason behind it?

Now I want to ask, is it coming from some organization such as a political party, or perhaps from the pulpits of some of our churches?

I am wondering if it is more than a coincidence that so many fearful themes are all at once appearing in the editorials of our paper?

If the writers have factual information about local terrorists and invisible evil forces conquering us, why don't they share that information so that we may all be properly forwarned?

Their fears are either real and we need information to defend ourselves, or they are tools of manipulation aimed at promoting their own agendas.

Until these authors can offer legitimate proof, I find their statements suspect and I reject them.

Terry Steele


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