In recent letters to the editor, Terry Steele of Ritter, has used such words as, "nonsense," "fear-driven," "conspiracy theorists" and most recently said some folks wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit them.

Steele must have a superior knowledge about the United Nations. I wonder if he is willing to share that information with people in a public forum. I know several citizens with a background of United Nations actions and intent who can back up facts with documents that are creditable since they are issued by either our government or the United Nations.

How about it? A public debate on the issue. Grant County has always been known for "put up or shut up!" Maybe even a side bet like, "Put your money where your mouth is."

Should be interesting - Steele versus one of the local anti-U.N. rednecks.

I'll bet tickets could be sold to the event, with the pot going to the winner (to be decided by an impartial panel).

The challenge has been made.

John Aasness

John Day

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