Something possibly as threatening to many Oregonians as wolves, is a predator in another form - state taxation upon vehicle drivers in the form of a "tax per mile" proposal by state legislators.

Still in the investigative stages by California and Oregon lawmakers, the proposal supposedly drops the state portion of fuel taxes, and replaces them with a cost-per-mile charge.

This is supposedly due to the increasing number of fuel-efficient vehicles on the road, which is claimed to be reducing the amount of road taxes being collected.

I guess the state figures the taxpaying public is too dumb to be aware that fuel consumption, and accompanying road taxes are, at an all-time high.

This proposal contains huge flaws of inequity - a 50-mpg vehicle and a 10-mpg one might travel the same weekly mileage, and both will be charged the same tax rate in spite of huge differences in individual fuel consumption. An 18-wheeler and a volkswagon would pay the same cost per mile.

An Oregon resident living in Ontario, Oregon, but working and commuting to Boise, would be charged for hundreds of "Oregon" miles, even though most of those miles were actually driven in Idaho.

For that matter, take a long driving vacation to the East Coast, and all your out-of-state miles would be taxed as though they had been driven locally.

On the other side of the equation, many out-of-state tourists would pay no Oregon mileage tax - but would continue to be a large contribution to wear and tear of state roads.

Oregonians have a rather long history of resistance to state efforts at shifting taxation methods. This latest fraudulent effort by the state needs to be nipped in the bud and given the boot like all the rest. Write your elected officials, and tell then what they can do with their latest attempted tax scam!

Gary Davidson

Canyon City

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