To the Editor:

On Saturday, Feb. 6, I attended a basketball game between Monument's boys team and the Crane Mustangs. I have a family member who plays for the Crane team and went to cheer him on. I was sorely disappointed with the scorekeeping. At one point, Crane made a two-point basket, the points weren't awarded. After about five minutes someone (possibly the Crane coach) brought it to the attention of the ref who ordered two more points placed on the clock for Crane.

But this was not the worst of it. By the end of the game, Crane was shorted by 3 points and Monument's own team was shorted by 1!

What if this had been a game won by 1 point? Those 3 points that Crane was shorted could have meant they lost the game. Crane is poised to go to districts, so every point on both sides counts!

Crane won the game, as was reported by the scorekeeper, by 11 points; so I guess this time everything turned out OK. However, I can guarantee you, people will not be so willing to look the other way when there isn't such a wide point spread. I heard comments from not only Crane parents but Monument parents that the scorekeeping for this game was really bad.

Next time, let's get it right and be accurate. Our kids work hard for every point they earn and both sides deserve to have accurate scores reported.

Monument boys, you were awesome! Great sportsmanship; great game. And Crane boys, you worked fierce and hard. I'm proud of your teamwork. And to Cole, I love you. You are a terrific athlete and all around good human being.

Jenny Maupin

John Day

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