Public should not stand for 'ridiculous waste' of forests

We, in the timber industry, for the most part are more aware of our environment than the Sierra Club.

We do have environmental laws in our contracts and we have some of our own to abide by. You may notice the recent article in the Bend Bulletin by the Oregon Natural Resource Council, that they only specify areas close to communities and well-used highways. Nothing is mentioned about the millions of acres that are diseased and fire-prone in the rest of Oregon.

We need to commercial log these areas for obvious reasons to utilize the dead and dying trees while they still have value to them. This will generate millions of dollars to the Forest Service so we can afford to clean up and make our forests healthy. There is little we can do for our wilderness areas to save the forests that are left for multiple-use.

I really hope the people of Central and Eastern Oregon will lend an ear to what I have written and help do something about this ridiculous waste and the destruction of our forests.

The eco-industry does not have the right to make any policy for our legislators or the U.S. Forest Service. They do have the right to voice their opinion, just like you and I do.

If these were truly environmental issues, then why are we raping third-world countries of their resources and letting ours destroy themselves by disease and wildfires? If we continue down this road, America will be like England, no industry, just service. This is something to think on very, very long and hard.

Orville Casey

  John Day

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