The only fear generated in recent letters to the editor is because some people don't want to face the truth. Those with a liberal stand on issues see their walls crumbling when the real facts are presented.

In turn they resort to seeing the truth in print as "spreading fear."

A couple of years ago Grant County citizens voted to ban any United Nations actions here in the county, effectively creating a U.N. Free Zone. My, the hue and cry from those who said we were a bunch of rednecks and would be the laughing stock of the state if not the nation.

We have been fully vindicated, with the disclosure of the corruption of the United Nations officials in several schemes. The "Food for Oil" debacle made some U.N. scoundrels filthy rich and resulted in weapons for our enemies at the expense of American military lives.

Much of the agenda of the United Nations has been shown to be a world power grab with no regard for anyone else.

Drop the "fear" tactic, if you have something to say, say it, then back it up with the truth. Folks in Grant County don't have a problem with facing the truth. Those who endorse "it depends on what the definition of it is" are the ones we have to worry about. The truth may be a bitter pill to swallow, but it will help with those liberal symptoms.

Bud Trowbridge

John Day

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