Terry Steele asked for legitimate proof of wolf attacks on humans in his letter to the editor (Jan. 19). Mr. Steele, I will be more than glad to show you documented evidence complete with color photographs of victims of wolf attacks.

History records that human beings have been attacked and eaten by wolves. This is not paranoia but fact.

I understand that you have advocated that wolves be established here in Grant County. My question to you is, will you be willing to accept the responsibility of any attack on a human by a wolf?

Three hundred years of history clearly shows that the wolf, mankind, domestic animals and a substantial population of wildlife in the same area do not mix. The wolf is a ravenous, large predator that has no place in Oregon. Wildlife, livestock, pets and humans are at grave risk if wolves are present.

Reject this information I have if you will, but the truth concerning wolves will prevail.

Eugene K. Emery

Mt. Vernon

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