Due to the recent publicity that has been given to the shooting incident involving Richard Gray, Sam Bell, Jason Rehling and Eric Brazelton, there has been considerable controversy generated about this topic.

I have supported all three deputies involved in this incident and will continue to do so. However tragic and traumatic this incident was to all of us who were involved, we all are dealing with this incident and its outcome in our own way. I wish nothing but the best for all those involved.

Due to the publicity nationwide on the Dr. Phil television program, people have again begun to donate funds to support Jason Rehling and his family. I would like to remind those that are wanting to support Mr. Rehling financially to make sure that the funds are sent directly to him. In the event that you choose to donate through an organization, please use caution and check on the reliability and credibility of that organization. It is unfortunate that some organizations have in the past used an event of this nature to defraud the public. (Donate to police officers at(www.onafund.com) -Ed.)

Glenn E. Palmer

Grant County Sheriff

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