Several of us around town have questions relative to the JDCC Parks and Rec District's purchase of the property adjacent to the west of the 7th Street Complex.

We as taxpayers have a right to know where these funds are coming from. Was there a grant? What contractual items are binding? Also, if money was borrowed for the purchase, from whom and how much is the interest? All of the funds of the JDCC Park and Rec are taxpayer dollars regardless of origin.

A full public audit is needed; even required by the Freedom of Information Act.

At the meeting to discuss the property purchase, there was no cost figures given for the land leveling, irrigation, sod for fields, equipment needed to accomplish the development, etc. Where are the added development dollars coming from?

Another taxpayer concern was recently brought up at meeting at the county courthouse relative to the Charolais Heights, Bridge, Davis, Valley View and Boulder Lane intersection.

It was brought to our attention that the road or intersection was deeded to the City of John Day, but the county never vacated the right of way.

Through the generosity of the County Court, they agreed to accept the deed back from the City of John Day provided that the city create a design to correct the intersection problem; after which the county would construct the intersection to the designed specifications.

Since the county has taken the roll of Big Brother for construction of the intersection for the City of John Day., will the county qualify for Big Brother status with its close ties the County Court has with JDCC Parks and Rec?

Would the generosity of the County Court bring the 12-acre addition to JD Parks and Rec up to the 7th Street standard? Or should the 12 acres be put up for sale? As there is also a valid question as to whether an addition to the 7th Street Complex is needed.

Taxpayers of Grant County: What do you think when we as taxpayers pay our taxes that becomes free money, but only for those who spend it?

Al Meyer

John Day

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