To The Editor:

Every so often letters to the editor are printed with comments that leave the reader wondering if those comments were made under the category of ignorance, stupidity, "what were they thinking," or all of the above. Several comments in recent letters regarding the election for sheriff could fall in those categories.

Sam Palmer's statements about several past incidents involving Mike Durr are misleading, unjustified, and just plain inaccurate. People can't just say anything they want to, and not expect to be held accountable for it. I will let others who were actually there and have the correct information speak to that. However, I think I can safely say that Mike running for Sheriff has no ties to Salem, black helicopters or any other conspiracy. This election is about fair and reasonable choice for a very important office, and whether the people of Grant County think it's time for a change of direction in the Sheriff's Department.

More than 20 years ago Mike Durr came to live and work in John Day. He was not sent here because someone said he had to come. He and his family made that choice, and he continues to choose to live here and serve the people of Grant County. His career in law enforcement could have taken him many other places over the years, but his choice was here, so please don't allude to Mike not being "Grant County,".whatever that means. He cares about the people in Grant County and understands local issues.

Sheriff Palmer's budgetary experience is a frequent topic. As I recall, there have been more than a few instances of real conflict during his tenure as Sheriff between himself and the County Court over budget issues. I have no doubt that Mike Durr has the ability and will be more than capable when it comes to budgeting, scheduling, communicating and working with the County Court in a highly professional manner. I am also excited about Mike bringing a wealth of experience in many areas of law enforcement. I believe his training, knowledge and association with other agencies can only serve to strengthen the Sheriff's Department, which will in turn benefit all of Grant County.

There is no question that Sheriff Palmer cares about Grant County, and his commitment to serving the residents here has been admirable. The citizens of Grant County will determine whether or not they believe he is still the most qualified candidate. I hope all will weigh the facts, and make the choice to write in Mike Durr's name on the ballot.

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