Forest management change needed; it's a 'no-brainer'

It's pretty pathetic when we have to go all the way to a very busy president to get a policy such as "thinning the forest" in place. The policy itself is a no-brainer. Any qualified forester or land manager will tell you it's the obvious course to follow and actually is being done on a piece-meal basis and should continue.

If people had the good sense they'd quit listening to the radical environmental industries mumble-jumble. The only thing they are interested in anymore is creating controversy. That translates directly into job security (more contributions) we are talking $200,000 per year plus salaries job security until they retire to their log cabin in the woods. Environmental industry doesn't want solutions - no job security in that. Environmental industry doesn't create any wealth, they just suck up donations that could go to better causes.

The immediate need, that we need the president's help with, is salvaging the millions of board feet of burned black high-value timber we have on the national forests right now. Under the current Forest Service constraint, it's not going to get salvaged. We are talking billions of dollars worth of our local resources going down the drain - wasted.

The other immediate help we need from the president is with the national forest firefighting complex. The USFS has put together the biggest, meanest firefighting organization the world has ever known. they don't have a clue how to extinguish a forest fire and aren't interested in learning. Follow the money trail on this one. The incident commander can make as high as $1,200 a day, equipment contractors right on down to the guy leaning on his shovel on the line are making more money for doing less work than they could doing anything else. Do they want to see the fire go out? That's a stupid question.

Until someone can pound the basics of fire control back into the Forest Service heads, we will have huge stand replacement fires. They used to know this: You hit the small fire starts with everything you've got, one foot in the black, and it has to be controlled, if not out, by noon the next day. Especially if it's in a roadless area or wilderness area. These areas are especially susceptible to huge stand replacement fires. It only takes an out-of-control wildfire maybe two hours to burn out of any wilderness area into an interface or commercial forest.

You can listen to or talk all you want about fire regimes, historical management, back to nature, and what-have-you. The truth is: In the current realistic world we are living in right now, we cannot manage our public land with wildfire in the middle of fire season and get anywhere near the results the public wants and should expect from our national government.

Chuck Phegley

Baker City

Building codes, zoning rules are for everyone

Regarding the City of Granite and the Fieldings, owners of The Lodge at Granite:

Their lawyer challenged the court as to whether it was qualified to hear this case. I am not so sure he was not right. The evidence clearly shows the staircase and deck are not within the boundaries set forth by the planning and zoning.

If the court does not uphold the planning and zoning rules, then what use are they? All a person has to do is become involved in city or county politics and in enough time you will be able to twist things around and get your way.

These planning and zoning rules were written for everybody. This building should be red tagged and not allowed to operate until it complies with the building codes.

Larry Sohler


Carter wants to work, live in Grant County

Mr. Ouellette is correct in that several years ago a district attorney was appointed by the governor. The big difference is he did not want to be here.

Lee Carter is not being appointed. Lee Carter is a write-in candidate who was sought out by local people who wanted to offer Grant County a choice for this election.

Lee wants to live and work here and make Grant County his home. He was not sent here by Salem and his campaign is not being financed by political activists from Salem or Portland.

I find that Lee has a lot of integrity and he is dedicated to working hard for all the people in Grant County.

Voters need to take the responsibility to inform themselves. Please take the time to meet and talk with Mr. Carter and get to know what he stands for before you make a decision on hearsay. He will be in the county the next two weekends and there will be opportunities in different towns for you to do that. I am sure once you inform yourself you will agree that Lee Carter is the best choice for Grant County.

Nancy Chase

Treasurer for Write-in Lee Carter for District Attorney Committee

Canyon City

Campaign for Carter clarified

In response to the recent letter regarding the write-in campaign for Lee Carter for District Attorney, I would like to make several things perfectly clear to the voters of Grant County. This campaign has been worked on and financed by people who live and work in Grant County, and care deeply about what this election will mean to the process of law here. This campaign has no connection whatsoever to "Salem," or the office of the governor.

When it became apparent that only one name would appear on the ballot, a group of concerned citizens, myself included, got together with the purpose of finding a candidate who would give the voters a choice in this important decision. This process began last March with phone calls and inquiries statewide, beginning right here in our area and reaching out to many counties, with the hope that someone would be interested in the opportunity to come to Grant County as district attorney. Lee Carter has made that commitment and, if elected, is anxious to live here and become part of the community.

I hope we have not come to the point that just because someone is not "local" they will not be welcomed and encouraged to make this area their new home. The perception that this is anything but a local issue is just simply not true, and I invite anyone to contact the candidate or any of the committee members at any time to verify that.

Please take the time to meet Mr. Carter during the next two weekends as he holds gatherings in John Day, Prairie City and Dayville. This election is too important to make your decision based on rumors and the ever-present coffee shop talk. Meet Mr. Carter and decide for yourself whom you would like to serve as your next district attorney.

Judy Schuette

Write-in Lee Carter for District Attorney Committee

John Day

Mannix will change forest management policies

This year, over 600,000 acres of timberland has burned in our state. This is equivalent to burning an area the size of the state of Rhode Island.

The reason for these massive fires are many and obvious, including the complete lack of a comprehensive forest management plan that includes thinning, salvage logging and aggressive slash disposal. Closed public roads and wilderness area management plans that prohibit aggressive, effective fire control are causing an epidemic of wildfire that will continue until there are no unburned forests left in Oregon.

Kevin Mannix is the one candidate for governor that is in support for changing forest management plans to reflect common sense and true multiple use and sustainable yield policies.

Ted Kulongoski has not spoken out on these issues. He may eventually do this, but Ted's supporters include the Sierra Club of Oregon, Natural Desert Association, and the League of Conservation Voters.

Do you really think these groups would support Mr. Kulongoski if he were to make changes against their policy positions?

Don't let our resources go to waste. Vote for Kevin Mannix for Oregon's next governor.

Walt Gentis

John Day

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