Measure 7 stifled by litigation, headed for Supreme Court

It has been over a year since Oregon voters passed Measure 7, which requires compensation to landowners when regulation unfairly restricts use of their land and reduces its value. But it's been held up. One lower court judge decided the measure violated the "single subject" rule, even though it is very clear it contains no more than one subject, and if it did, everything in it is closely related.

It's now up to the Oregon Supreme Court to straighten this out by overturning the lower court and allowing Measure 7 to take effect.

Private property owners have suffered for years from government land-use regulations that take away the use and value of their property without compensation, partly because the courts have allowed such confiscation.

The people were forced to use the initiative process to protect property rights, but again the courts are a part of the problem, not the solution. It's time for the courts to uphold Measure 7.

Beth Thomas


United Nations issue still drawing comment, concerns

Rumor has it that Grant County recently received an official "Thank You" from the United Nations. A letter signed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan indicated since Grant County has become a U.N. Free Zone, the United Nations has been better able to focus on its troubles in the Middle East. In return, the United Nations has agreed to suspend all helicopter flyovers of Grant County for one year.

One of my sons was pondering the U.N. Free Zone situation in Grant County. "Why hasn't Sadaam figured this out? ... Think how safe he and his Republican Guard could sleep each night if he could declare Iraq a United Nations Free Zone. ... He probably wouldn't even have to put it up for vote."

Perhaps Grant County could offer consultant services to Iraq on procedures to becoming a U.N. Free Zone. Think of all the oil-generated dollars that could be placed into Grant County's coffers.

Dick Field

Prairie City  

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