Motorcyclists appreciated for their consideration

On Saturday, Oct. 26, several young men were planning a day of motorcycle riding at the Laycock Creek Road track. They were looking forward to a beautiful sunny day of riding when I stopped by on the way to my brother's house, which sits just below the track. I told the guys that we had a memorial service planned and asked if they would consider not riding for an hour at 2 o'clock. They said they totally understood and would no way want to disturb our service. Well, before 2 they left the track and didn't return for the rest of the day.

With the difficulty Grant County has been having with young people, my family and I want to acknowledge this group of young men who acted with great maturity and class. We noticed and appreciated it.

Cindy Davis


Reader says: Christians shouldn't be so judgmental

I would like to express my opinion on some issues I have found to be quite disturbing to me. The majority of the people in this community proclaim themselves to be Christians and I really have an issue with the fact that those people are so judgmental of others.

The Bible says to treat people as you wish to be treated and I don't see that happening with these "so- called" Christians. To me that is a scary thing because I am a Christian and God says that he will judge us twice as hard as He would someone who just didn't know Him. So I ask that all of you think twice before being so judgmental to people you don't even know as well as people you do know.

Frankly what's going on in someone else's life really isn't your business anyway; it is between them and God. All I ask is that people quit judging so harshly when its not even your job to do, it's God's job. Remember if you are going to proclaim to be a Christian, why don't you act like it?

Misty Herrera


Shouldn't we rise above the 'merely legal'?

I recently became aware of a law, that as a parent, truly frightened me. As a witness to a situation, not a participant, my daughter was later questioned by a law enforcement officer.

At no time that day was I contacted by that officer. Thankfully, a private citizen who knew I would be concerned called me. I instructed my child, as she is a minor, that anyone wishing to question her in the future should contact me first.

When she was approached the next day at school, she asked the officer to call me. When he did, he first informed me that he was within the law to question her without notifying a parent or guardian. He then hastened to add that whenever possible and time allows, of course, they always try to respect the parents' concerns.

At that time I thought that 24 hours had been enough time to do so without my daughter's prompting. But as he was within the law, and he had obviously taken great care not to upset my daughter, I thanked him for his call.

Several weeks passed before my daughter came home from school with a grand jury subpoena. A few calls later left me with a taste of fear on my tongue. Any child 12 years or older can be subpoenaed without any parental notification. This law applies to law-abiding children and their caring, law-abiding parents. And the subpoena can be delivered at school, where the parent is not even available to answer questions. I was shocked and dismayed to discover that this was all legal.

I am not ignorant of the fact that government infringes on the rights of individuals, and individuals on each others' rights, more and more every day. But I am truly disheartened to discover that even in my own community, law enforcement would fail to attempt to rise above the merely legal.

For all the kindness I see exemplified daily by private citizens in Grant County, it is unfortunate to encounter public servants neglecting an opportunity to practice courtesy and respect toward a law-abiding citizen.

Nina Nelson

Canyon City

Bravo to Grant County for gaining control of lands

In regard to your vote to return public lands to local control. Bravo! You do not need to petition the federal government. These lands are public lands and belong to the citizens of the local jurisdiction.

At one time these lands and resources were declared surplus and placed into a public trust overseen by the Forest Service, and the BLM. The federal government is prohibited from owning property except as required for government installations such as post offices, military bases and courthouses. You have removed these lands from that public trust and now are entitled to manage the same to the benefit of the local citizenery.

I have tried to promote this course of action for some time, but most people seem afraid to confront the federal government. Again, congratulations on your courage, and try to maintain our lands to benefit your citizens. Besides, I would be glad to see those ugly pea-green vehicles go away.

Gary N. Auxier Sr.


Measures it will take to get our country back

When the whole of American people are willing to stand up and shout "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death," I won't be a slave then, we get back our country. When every state can vote the politicians serving now, "out of office," we can get our country back. When we can vote judges out of office, put limits on lawyers, then we can get our country back.

When we can stop foreign aid, get rid of the U.N., Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, then we start getting our country back. When enough people understand that the Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, but is owned by 12 private banks, then and only then will our money be more than IOUs. Wilson started this country into a tailspin, and each president since then has added his bit to keep it spinning. Very few people we elect to Congress are honest and try to live by the Constitution, there's not much difference between them anymore.

Having been a Republican for years, I now intend to switch to a party I think we need, "The Constitutional Party," and if they ever get elected ... for crying out loud, watch them.

Ray Harper

Mt. Vernon

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