Library to be closed for major reorganization of books

Librarian Vicki Waters is getting set for a major reorganization at the Grant County Library.

JOHN DAY – Librarian Vicki Waters is hoping everyone goes to this year’s county fair the first week of August or has other plans, as the Grant County Library will be closed up to 10 days – July 31 through Aug. 9.

During that time library staff and volunteers will be in the midst of a major organization that, once completed, will integrate the hardbound and paperback books in the adult fiction and mystery sections, making it easier for library patrons to find the titles they’re looking for. Currently, hardbound and paperbacks are separated. It’s a project that began over three years ago with the “weeding out” of duplicate titles, said Waters.

“Now, we’re at the point we have to make the move,” she said.

The project entails moving upwards of 7,000 books and knowing how to alphabetize backwards when books are placed back on the shelves.

“We can’t have the library open to the public with books on the floor,” Waters told county officials at last week’s County Court meeting in seeking permission to close the library for 10 days.

“Depending on the number of volunteers and how much time they can spend, we will reopen sooner than Aug. 9,” she added.

The two-person library staff depends on volunteer help and traditionally library traffic isn’t as heavy during the Grant County Fair, making it a prime time to complete the project.

A reminder, there will be no Lego Night the month of August because of the fair.

Following the big move, Waters said she hopes everyone stops by and checks out the changes. “I’m interested in people telling us what they think.”

The library, located at 507 S. Canyon Blvd., is typically open Mon., Wed. and Sat., 1-5; Tues., 10-12 and 1-7; and Thurs., 1-5 and 7-9. It is closed Fridays and Sundays.

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