Life is 'sweet, sweet without drugs'

Students at Monument School participated in Red Ribbon Week last week. In celebration of being drug and alcohol free, balloons were released by the students. TheEagle/Marissa Allen

MONUMENT --What is your anti-drug?

The students at Monument School could tell you what each of theirs are. Friends, sports, family.

The school celebrated Red Ribbon Week, with being drug and alcohol free as the theme, Nov. 16-19. The event was coordinated by seniors Ashley Mund and Jammie Adams, sophomore Heather Sanders and freshman Jessica Jacobsen.

"They did it when we were little kids and the high school kids did it with us," Mund said. "It has just been an ongoing thing."

The weeklong event included dress-up days, a coin drive to raise money for next year's supplies, an assembly, balloon release and six high school students teaching that it is cool to be drug and alcohol free to the grade school student body. To be a part of the mentoring program the high school students have to be drug and alcohol free.

Adams brought a personal story to the classes regarding the loss of her grandmother in October due to tobacco.

"For me it was really important to stress being drug and alcohol free to the kids," Adams said. "If I can reach one kid, that is all that is important to me."

The four girls, along with seniors Nathan Rayburn and Jesus Vasquez, went into the grade-school classrooms and worked through drug-free workbooks and discussing self-respect with the students.

"They look up to us so much," Mund said. "If they see us not doing it, then they'll want to be like us."

After Adams had spent time in a classroom, one of the children gave a card thanking the group for the time they spent with them. On the card the girl wrote, "Life's very sweet, sweet without drugs."

On Friday the school met in the gymnasium for an assembly. The six high school students that participated in the mentoring program talked with the students regarding the importance of staying off of drugs and alcohol, giving statistics and a slide show showing the effects of using drugs and alcohol.

At the conclusion of the assembly students met on the Tiger Country football field, each holding a balloon with a card attached with a pledge to stay drug and alcohol free. The students formed a circle in the chilly weather and said their commitment pledge together releasing the balloons into the cloudy sky.

In celebration of being drug and alcohol free, the student body lined up for a Subway-style sub sandwich assembly line. Some, including first-grader Garret Warner, made it back for seconds.

To think, one high school student from years ago made a difference in the six high school students that are here today keeping the tradition alive.

Life is sweet, stay drug and alcohol free.

101 things to do instead of drugs

Play board games ~ Read a Comic Book ~ Do a Fun Activity ~ Throw a Party ~ Get a Hug ~ Watch a Cartoon Show ~ Join a Sport Team ~ Listen to a CD ~ Make a Card ~ Find a New Hobby ~ Cook a Great Meal ~ Learn Something New ~ Memorize a Poem ~ Visit the Zoo ~ Smell a Rose ~ Get Together with Some Friends ~ Draw a Picture ~ Take a Bubble Bath ~ Look at Old Photos ~ Make Someone Smile~ Finish that Project You Started ~ Solve a Riddle ~ Watch the Sunrise ~ Jump Rope ~ Gather Leaves ~ Swing on a Swing ~ Whistle a Tune ~ Try a Little Harder Than the Last Time ~ Fly a Kite ~ Do a Friend a Favor ~ Surprise Someone ~ Play Catch ~ Join a Club ~ Sing a Happy Song ~ Give Someone a Big Hug ~ Talk to Friends ~ Make a Wish on a Star ~ Run Through a Sprinkler ~ Do a Jigsaw Puzzle ~ Think Happy Thoughts ~ Memorize Your Favorite Lyrics ~ Help a Neighbor in Need ~ Build a House of Cards ~ Find a Home for a Stray Animal ~ Write a Comedy Routine ~ Do Good Deeds ~ Have a Cold Drink on a Hot Day ~ Go Camping ~ Blow Bubbles ~ Climb a Tree ~ Kiss a Parent ~ Run on the Beach ~ Volunteer ~ Tickle a Puppy's Tummy ~ Play with a Baby ~ Cheer Someone Up ~ Roll in the Grass ~ Snuggle with a Stuffed Animal ~ Eat Ice Cream ~ Walk Barefoot in the Sand ~ Play with Your Younger Sibling ~ Do Cartwheels ~ Go People Watching ~ Give a Gift ~ Shoot Some Hoops ~ Watch the Clouds Drift ~ Plant a Vegetable Garden ~ Dance ~ Learn a New Language ~ Play an Instrument ~ Go Fishing ~ Make a Gift ~ Go Hiking ~ Set Your Goals ~ Phone a Friend ~ Have a Picnic ~ Ride a Bike ~ Watch the Boats on the Lake ~ Write to Friends ~ Do Your Best ~ Count the Stars ~ Keep a Promise ~ Make a Video ~ Improve Your Score ~ Listen to Birds ~ Learn to Bake ~ Skip Rocks on the Lake ~ Play in the Dog Park ~ Go Swimming ~ Water the Plants ~ Collect Something ~ Exercise ~ Trade Cards ~ Do Magic Tricks ~ Make a Model ~ Go Bowling ~ Keep a Journal ~ Take Some Pictures of Your Town ~ Brighten Someone's Day ~ Laugh ~ Smile

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