LONG CREEK - A recall election will be held next month against City Councilman Dan Morrow, who was appointed to the council about seven months ago. An elected official must be in office for at least six months before a recall vote. Ballots will go to voters at the end of the month.

Patty McHatton was the chief petitioner of the recall. The petition was signed by 17 of the city's registered voters, but one of them was disqualified by County Clerk Kathy McKinnon because county records show he didn't live in the city. A recall petition must be signed by 15 percent of a city's registered voters who voted in the last gubernatorial election.

The recall petition charges that Mr. Morrow violated four sections of Oregon Revised Statutes covering the convening of executive sessions. It says, "Daniel T. Morrow should be recalled for his deliberate and malicious and illegal acts he has performed as a City Council member. He is in violation of: OR 192.660-1, 192.660-2, 192.610 and 192.690."

The signed petition was submitted to the county Dec. 30, 2005. In addition to McHatton, these people signed the petition: Stacie Witt, Elizabeth Lynall, Phillip Lynall, Wanda McHatton, Michael Snyder, John P. Kilby, Joesph Clarke, Barbara Clarke, Sandra Drew, Dale Hunt, Dale Martin, Thomas Bradley, Bobbie Huston, Chris Brusman and Elizabeth Hunt.

The effort to recall him is "without just cause of provocation" and is based on malice, spite and lies, Morrow said in a written statement submitted to the clerk's office.

"What really bothers me the most is that when I was wounded and almost killed in Vietnam, I was defending and protecting these type of people," Morrow said in the statement. "I urge the good citizens of Long Creek to get out and vote."

Morrow and Eugene Crump were appointed to the City Council last May. Leroy Duncan was appointed to the Council late last year. The Council has one seat vacant.

The City Council will meet at 6 p.m. Jan. 12 at community building behind City Hall.

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