#1 Goal, Become healthier and lose 15 pounds primarily by eliminating most sugar and pop.

#2 The desire to be healthy for myself and my children and all those I can better help by feeling better.

#3 To stay the course I am setting limits and sticking to them. Focusing on my desire for better health for all involved, my obligation to the team and my desire to FEEL BETTER, LIVE BETTER!!!

#4 My Secret Food Craving: Depends on the day. Some days its a fresh brownie loaded with German chocolate frosting and a big glass of milk. Other days its the best Lasagna and all the garlic bread I want.

#5 I love to exercise but confess I hate upper body weight work and any exercise that seems to throw it in my face that my thighs are too heavy.

#6 My #1 Strategy is to Exercise Cardio plus Strength training, focus on my goals, Avoid Carbs and Sugar and Eat mostly Veges, Proteins,and Fruit, the good Stuff!!! :-)

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