Due to decreased fire danger, fire managers lifted all public use restrictions pertaining to campfires, chainsaw use, smoking and off-road travel on the Malheur National Forest Friday

Industrial Fire Precaution Level I is being implemented, and the fire danger level is moderate across the forest.

A one-hour fire watch is always recommended after saw operations cease. Saw operators are required to have a shovel (8 inches wide, 26 inches in length) and fire extinguisher (minimum AB 8 oz.) in their possession.

Campfires should be in fire pits surrounded by dirt, rock or commercial rings, and in areas not conducive to rapid fire spread. Campfires should have a minimum clearance of 3 feet from the edge of the fire pit. Use existing pits wherever possible. Campfires must be attended at all times, and completely extinguished prior to leaving. Persons with campfires should have a tool such as a shovel and one gallon of water in their possession.

For more information about Industrial Fire Precaution Levels and Malheur National Forest public use restrictions, call 541-575-3000 or visit fs.usda.gov/malheur.

Oregon Department of Forestry’s regulated-use closure in the Central Oregon District was also terminated Oct. 14. Fire managers have determined the recent cooler weather and widespread precipitation across ODF’s Central Oregon District have reduced the risk of rapid fire spread and these prevention measures are no longer necessary. Fire season remains in effect.

Open burning and debris burning without a permit is prohibited on ODF protected lands during fire season. Additional county or local fire department restrictions may also be in effect. Use of tracer ammunition or exploding targets during fire season is not allowed.

Current restrictions can be found at odfcentraloregon.com.


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