Medford, Ore. -- It was an exciting day for a group of men in Southern Oregon. Remember last summer when 10 friends embarked on a marathon wiffle ball game? Well now they're officially in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Julian Cordle, team captain of Insurance Lounge White Team, said he and his teammates have been waiting for the email from Guinness World Records for six months. An email validating their efforts.

"I finally got the email this morning saying 'Congratulations, you're a world record holder!' Cordle said.

It took Guinness World Records six months to review over 80 pages of documentation, video from three different cameras, and still photographs of the game before awarding the men the record. The teams played for 25 hours 39 minutes and 33 seconds last August.

"It's amazing. It all started as an idea, why not have a world record right here why not us?" Cordle said.

Cordle said the teams were sponsored by Insurance Lounge and raised over $4,000 for scholarships for swim lessons, sports, and activity camps for underprivileged youth.

"We were genuinely excited. This took months and months of preparation," Cordle said.

Insurance Lounge White Team made up of Gary Dunn, Tom Mercier, Chris Conrad, Donny Guy, and Julian Cordle beat Insurance Louge Blue Team made up of Bobby Heiken, Cameron Williams, Josh McDermott, Jeff Multanen, and Rich Rosenthal. The final score was 357 to 246. But Cordle said it wasn't about winning or losing.

"We knew the whole spirit of it was to have fun and raise money for kids and everyone was in a good head space for that," Cordle said.

When asked if they were going to have a 26 hour reunion game to celebrate Cordle said they'll probably all just go out for pizza instead.

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