Of Course I would wait till the last day of the month to post my Blog, and then now I realised I have a 20min time limit to post this blog so I better get to typing.

Question #1

What is your #1 goal for the next six months?


To get healthy and I dont mean just to loose fat but build strength in my back and knees.

Question #2 What is going to be your biggest motivator?


My Husband and my son, I need to be arround to take care of and be and example to our son

Question #3

What is the strategy to staying the course?


Wake up everymorning starting a new day and knowing whatever I ate yesterday will have no impact on what I eat today.

Question #4

What is my secret food craving?



Question #5

Exercise you love to hate?h


I have to say cardio of any kind is somthing you need to work yourself into and not try to over do things.

Question #6

Nomber #1 strategy?


Out of sight Out of mind find ways to not think about food exercise is a good way to not think about food.

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