March 16 brought 32 people to dine on hot roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots and brownies. It was delicious.

Our guests were Kristi Emerson and daughter Kyla and Marla Capon and daughters, Grace, Faith and Makayla. Our fearless leader, Marty Jensen, informed us that work on the senior's rental house was nearly finished and if there were any volunteers for cleaning it up they would be greeted with much gratitude, a mop and a broom. We were also told that our Jewell Cote was home again. Welcome dear girl, it's about time.

Somebody took the poster for Roslyn Smarr's massage visit, but Ellen Kellogg had the phone number and we know where, what and how much. Roslyn will be here on March 21 at the motel and this will be too late to do any good. My youngest daughter sent me money to indulge myself for an hour. I've never had a real massage and I think it is going to be wonderful.

Betty Maynard won the free meal and Charlotte Howell won the certificate from Chester's Thriftway.

I want to announce that Spring is officially here! Marva Walker transported me to John Day to the doctor's office Thursday and we saw a sage rat near Long Creek and a big batch of Buttercups on Beech Creek. Plus, my daffodils are bloomed out. While we were over there we met Johnnie Titus at the Faith Mountain Art Gallery and we browsed in the Grant County Art show. There are many talented artists in Grant County and I'm not saying that just because my brother, Royce Dotson has some sawmill paintings on display. I love to see paintings, photographs and drawings that make you say, "I know where that is, I've been there."

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