I thought by now I would be in Redmond with a new knee and getting ready to start on the therapy everyone has been scaring me to death about. However it was postponed for a week; so I'm here to tell you the dinner on Tuesday, Jan. 4, served 27 people.

Our dinner of stew, green salad, rolls and big peanut butter cookies was suited for the brisk weather.

We enjoyed local company but no out-of-town guests.

Tiina Schutz won the free meal and Charlotte Howell won the certificate from Chester's Thriftway.

There is an increase in dinner costs, 60 years or older the price is now $2.50. That is still a bargain, no matter how you look at it.

The Soil and Water Conservation District had a resource fair today, Jan. 6 at the senior center. There were door prizes, displays and a tri-tip steak dinner served at noon by the Monument FFA. It sounded good for $6. If I could have walked a little better, I would head that way.

I hope that everyone has recovered from the holidays by now. I figure it takes a least a week to come out of the shock that sets in after the crazy days of Christmas. You go into a flap about Dec. 1 that lasts about three weeks, then you go into fourth and overdrive until after New Year's.

Give yourself at least one day for any leftover company to leave, look around your house and go into deep shock for at least a week. Enjoy it, you're entitled.

My true, dear friend, Grace Sweek, will be taking care of this for a few weeks, so I will talk to you later.

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