Tuesday, April 6, was our pre-Easter dinner with baked ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, hot rolls and cake. Guests from John Day, Washington and Winlock brought the attendance to 63.

The free meal was won by Clyde Cavender, and Ellen Kellog won the Chester's Thriftway certificate.

There was an art exhibit by the school students, and the details from which will have to wait until I can contact the ladies in charge. I was told it was really nice, but need to be a little more specific than that.

The guests were the Kellogg's granddaughter, Leah Kellogg, from Vancouver, Wash., Hal Whitbeck from Winlock, and Richard Courchesne, who drove the bus, from Long Creek. Guests from John Day were Lela Leslie, Edna Rettie, Pearl Combs, Doug Kelsey, Fred Spinney, Chet Mael, Marge Reddinkapp, Bob Wright, Fred and Linda Stoltz and Don Caldwell. Evelyn Boyd, Ivan Porfily, Marjorie Porfily, Verde Priest, Mary McKern, Bob and Stella McCauley were there - all from Mt. Vernon. Cleo Dunten, Eula Thompson, Anita Princehous from Prairie City, Don and Deda Porter from Canyon City, as well as Colleen Relling, who escorted Sharon Mansfield, Bill Beck Helen Leathers and Osie Ingle from Valley View.

Good food, good friends and good neighbors are a recipe for good feelings and enjoyment. Eight of us journeyed to John Day Thursday, April 8, had dinner and visited with most of these same people. We had another delicious ham dinner with candy and Easter egg treats. Those of us that didn't forget part of their list took care of shopping and errands.

Great trip as usual.

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