Monument Seniors: Guests attend from all parts of Oregon

Carolyn Trujillo

Tuesday, June 29, brought us a houseful of people who ate and enjoyed goulash, green salad, peaches and birthday cake.

We had a lot of visitors, and I may have messed up on where some are from, if so, I apologize now. I think I did get the names right.

Guests included: A.J. Sanders from Oakland, Ore.; Wally and Sam Walker from Redmond; Arita Bernard, Josephine Smith, Gary and Nadine Smith from Mount Vernon; Nadine Bradley, Arlene Adams, Jamie Hunt, Liz Hunt from Long Creek; Scotty and Pat Reed and Gerald and Geraldine Moore from Spray; Jaden Brown from Eugene; and Theda Phelps, Sylvia Cockrell, Sierra Brown, Mary Cade, Treia Eulla, Justin Mund and Riley Cade from right here in the surrounding community.

By that I mean, everything from Hamilton, Top, Dayville Junction and Heppner Junction. We may not add up to very much on the population counter, but we make up for it in square miles and quality.

Don't forget Thursday, July 8, is our trip to John Day. The Fourth of July might take your mind off of it, but I missed last month and am looking forward to this one. I'm going to let whoever drives load and unload me with that hydraulic gadget. I can do it by myself, but don't know if they'd want to wait on me, especially if the weather is hot.

Clyde Cavender won the free meal, and Grace Sweek won the certificate from Chester's Thriftway.

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