MONUMENT - Well, I think we've just about got this show back on the road again. They say that it takes a village to raise a child, and I fully agree with them. But it takes a village, a small town, and several really nice people to get an old woman and her typewriter working again.

There's always a lot of wonderful help here in Monument, and, as usual, the ones that helped me the most are some of the busiest people in the whole Northwest. Also, I received help from out of the blue! A young lady from John Day called and said she thought she might have a tape cartridge that would fit my typewriter. I read her the number, and she said she certainly had it. I finally couldn't stand it any longer and asked her who she was and how she knew I needed it. She had read my column in the Blue Mountain Eagle. The names scattered on me before I could tattoo them on my forehead, but I'll get them later. But, I do know she's one of the nicest little things I've ever talked to. They own High Desert Office Equipment right downtown.

On Tuesday, June 14, 36 people showed up to eat barbecued ribs, coleslaw, toast, peaches and cookies. We had guests from Redmond - Audrey Dines, Jewell Peninger, Sonia Rorvick and Jo Thompson. They were over visiting Dinah Cowger. And I had friends here from Dayville - Bessie Marsh and her son, Cliff. Cliff used to own the Johnny Kirk ranch, so he knows nearly everyone around here. They were on their way to Pendleton, so they couldn't stay too long, therefore, I have half a page of questions and answers for the next time I see Bessie. Vonnie and Sarah Groves were here with Grandma Lois, and Vonnie, I am really sorry about last week and I promise it will never happen again.

The MMM meeting was scheduled for June 20 at Dinah Cowger's. It was to discuss the July 4th breakfast and they still have the Quilt Raffle. It's a beautiful quilt and I want it. June 14 was Flag Day. We used to make a big deal out of Flag Day, but now we have so many days to make big deals out of some of them get lost by the wayside.

Jack and Grace Sweek are home from North Pole, Alaska. Our other guests, Klaus and Mary Hoehna, are on their way there. Klaus gave us a really interesting talk about his last Air Force assignment at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. That is one of the most renowned information centers in the world.

One of my step-brothers, Bryce Helms, helped set up the first NORAD there, so it was especially interesting to me.

Wally Walker got the free meal certificate, Donna Campbell got the one from Chester's Thriftway, and Jack Cavender got a free haircut from Otis Rickers' shop on West Main.

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