Tuesday, July 27, brought 31 people out to enjoy a fantastic salad bar. Next week I will tell you who donated all the goodies to us. Our cooks did make the birthday cake, lemon, and it was delicious. We ate it and sang "Happy Birthday" to Dotty Jensen and Jack Cavender.

We had one out-of-town visitor, Ruth Slaughter, from Ritter. Ruth is always a welcome guest, hope she comes more often.

Marty Jensen announced that Saturday is bingo night again. Grab a bag of potato chips or some old, cold biscuits and come on over. I tried out a pistachio salad for Fawn Gardner's farewell luncheon and no one left it on their plates or dumped it back in the bowl, so I'm going to make it again for bingo. It's definitely a gourmet dish. You throw four things into a bowl, mix them up well and stick it in the refrigerator for a couple hours or so. It is a pistachio salad, it's supposed to be green. It's also simple enough that you could let the kids make it, while you're doing something important. Now, back to Fawn's party.

The MMM ladies were the hostesses and those gals can cook, let me tell you. Sylvia Cockrell, our own chef extraordinaire, made something she said had several different names, but the only one I can remember is Beer Rocks. I'm sure that is what she said. They were rather on the order of Welsh pastries and were delicious. As were the other dishes; salads, pies, cakes, etc. Fawn said they were moving somewhere in the general vicinity of Redmond or there abouts.

We shall miss them, but they can come back for visits, it's not like they were moving to Vermont or Texas.

Roger Kellogg was here for lunch and we were glad to see him out and about. He also won the certificate from Len's Drugs.

Helen Davidson came by to pick up some take-out dinners and won the free meal. Betty Maynard won the "Guys and Gals Hair Care" certificate.

Word was given that Mitch Mund was home and doing well. Everyone was happy to hear that. But we were saddened to hear of the Poulson family's loss. Our heartfelt wishes for comfort go out to all of them.

One more thing I'd like to mention is for the Blue Mountain Eagle. The new little American Profile is great! A lot of people here in Monument enjoy it and I'm sure the rest of Grant County does also. Thank you.

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