A really delicious meal of Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, hot rolls and peach cobbler was enjoyed by 25 on March 4.

Guests included Vinita Poulson and Wes Whelchel from Spray, who came for the meal and to check out our center with plans to build one similar in Spray.

Our senior center is great! It serves various purposes, not just for seniors, but for the medical clinic on Tuesday, and for the different organizations around the town and county. It also can be used for private functions at a very reasonable fee and it is always available for funeral dinners. It is actually very much a "community" center.

Ruth Peterson brought about a half dozen brightly colored wool caps to the center on Tuesday and let people choose a favorite for themselves. Now is that nice, or what?

Certificate winners were Roy Bates, free meal; Gus Peterson, Len's Drug; Betty Shrofe, Touch of Country; Clyde Cavender, Chester's Thriftway.

The March winds have arrived with a vengeance. I don't like wind. I went to sleep angry last night and woke up in the same mood. The cats got tired of listening to me whine and left, and there's not much use whining if no one hears you. So I thought about other things and realized, again, how lucky we are to live in Monument. It's much nicer to think about the things people do for each other.

I have been blessed with caring and kindness here, and it and it always reinforces the true meaning of community.

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