MONUMENT - On June 21, we had chicken vegetable casserole, green salad, bread, applesauce, and chocolate chip cookie bars and 60 people gathered to help eat it. And it was also Sarah Grove's birthday. Among our guests were Rocky Jordan from Salem, Nadine Bradley's grandson, Justyn Headly from Klamath Falls, Calla, Sammy and Wally Walker (little Wally), Marva and Wally Walker's grandkids from Redmond. The others were here for a water and soil conservation meeting. There was Judy Potter, Vern Church, Tim and Nelda Coe all from Fossil. Gale and Keith Marshall, Janet Greenup, Jodi Chapa, Jay Gibbs from Heppner. Karl Niederwenfer, Gina Kerzman and Loren Unruh and Morgan Parks from Pendelton. And Dianne Guidry from Portland. Happy to see all of you and come see us again. I goofed again, Lolah Wilson, Emile Holeman, Phil Walch were here from Hermiston also.

Saturday night is bingo, so come play with us. And for two days last week the Lively Ladies did a clean-up job on the church. I'm really short of names on this, but I know Betty Shrofe was right in the middle of it. They also cleaned floors, walls, ceiling, windows and Sylvia Cockrell and Linda Blakeslee made new curtains for the clean windows. It may be a little country church without a soaring spire, fancy stained-glass windows or a super-sized pipe organ, but cleanliness is close to godliness and it was pretty close already.

The certificate winners were Rocky Sharp, free meal; Nadine Bradley got the one from Len's Drug, and I got the one from Chester's Thriftway.

Don't forget the Monument Reunion this weekend. Mitchell is having one this Saturday and the annual Monument picnic is on July 17. That's always a big deal with me. Last year, I talked so much my lips were chapped and my tongue was numb.

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