Now this is really something - I couldn't win the battle with my computer, so I drug my fancy typewriter out, can't find the instructions, of course, and it's even smarter than my computer! I may not win this battle, either, but I will go down fighting.

I messed up on two weeks of senior news, so I will hit the high spots. On Oct. 26 we had the birthday cake, but didn't sing to anybody. The birthday people were Roy Bates, Thelma Williams, Nadine Bradley and Wally and Marva Walker. They also had an anniversary in there somewhere. The bingo on Oct. 30 was a success, the food was delicious as usual, and even if I didn't win a lot of money, if I shook by bingo purse hard enough it sounded like a lot. The Home Extension Halloween Party was fantastic. There were 45 costumes running around and when the pictures come back they will be judged and prizes awarded to the scariest, funniest, etc.

On Nov. 2, we had 33 people here and among the guests were Laura Vaughn from Nempo Bay, B.C. I hope she lives up there a long, long time, because I intend to go there someday. This was also our last visit with Chuck and Carolyn Williams from Rio Vista, Calif. They are taking Chuck's mother, Thelma, with them for three months no less. She will miss all the nasty winter weather, and I will try not to say too much about brush fires and earthquakes. I must not forget that Chuck has a Web site for the Monument Reunion for 2005. The address is

On Thursday, Nov. 4, we took the senior bus to Condon for dinner and some fast shopping. The dinner was delicious and the people were very nice and friendly, some extra friendly. The Home Extension had a "Cooking with Herbs" class Nov. 12, at the senior center. Sylvia Cockerell was the instructor.

Tuesday, Nov. 9, brought 33 people out to enjoy an absolutely delicious dinner. Our cooks out did themselves. We had turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and pumpkin cake. Julie Donnelly from Richmond was here wearing her Donnelly Tartan.

We were going to John Day on Nov. 12, but didn't go because of the holiday. The MMM club was nice enough to change their club date to Wednesday, Nov. 17, so we will go to John Day on Nov. 18. Come go with us. We might even hit another turkey dinner at their senior center.

On Nov. 21, the church is sponsoring a dinner at the senior center probably about noon. I'm sure there are posters up for the exact time. You know who most of the cooks are, so you know it's going to be good. The 21st is also Sylvia Cockerell's birthday. If you come to the dinner, I'll tell you how old she is, even though you won't believe me!

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