MONUMENT - On Dec. 6, Columbia Power Co-op had its annual meeting, which attracted folks from Mitchell, Ukiah, Spray and, of course, Monument. The weather cooperated and attendance was good.

After the meeting in the Monument School gymnasium, members enjoyed a great meal served by the Monument seniors at the senior center. The roast beef was superbly prepared and served with mashed potatoes, well-seasoned green beans, homemade whole-wheat rolls, a crisp salad and a delicious pumpkin dessert.

A great number of seniors and community people helped prepare, serve the meal and clean up afterwards. They showed what a good sense of community and work ethic they have. Thank you!

On Dec. 9, Monument seniors again had musical entertainment by Lynn Wilson's group, which includes Boby Slinkard's bass guitar and Hap MacLeod's banjo. Terry Hansen and Tom Whale played guitar, too. The Christmas themes were wonderful and we thank them for coming to enhance our meal with their musical talent.

Our cooks served roast beef and gravy on bread, mashed potatoes, salad and pudding to 60 people. Twelve of the diners came to Monument for a pre-construction meeting for the power line rebuilding that Columbia Power Co-op is undertaking. We hope that we will be seeing more of these gentlemen in the future.

Carolyn Trujillo returned home from Prairie City and is just getting herself primed to take over the Monument column again.

Several ladies and I went to John Day Dec. 11 for a day of shopping. We had lunch with the John Day seniors. Betty Maynard, formerly of Monument, came to join us and had time to have a good visit.

While shopping in John Day, I recalled when we needed to buy things in the small town of Santivanez, Bolivia, where only small mom-and-pop shops open when they feel like it. One can't go into the store, but just stands outside by a metal gate and shouts "Vendame," which translates into "Sell things to me." The shopkeeper is seldom in and the shouting can go on until he/she decides to come out and see what you want. Sometimes, one gets tired of shouting and goes to another shop to start all over again, hoping that this time, this shopkeeper comes out to sell what you need. I am so glad that I don't have to shout when I go shopping now!

Submitted by Sylvia Cockrell

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