MONUMENT - November 4th was a special date for our country, as it elected the man who is going to be our new president. Campaign ads are a thing of the past and they are being replaced with Christmas ones.

As you may know, we were in Bolivia during some elections and we sadly saw that things were not as democratic as they are in the United States. Referendums and elections in that country normally call for violence and injustice. So, it was wonderful to see people voting after waiting in long lines and most important, knowing that their vote counts.

My husband Robert Cockrell, our dear friends Patty Engle, Lois Groves, Jean and Phil Murphy, Kitty Kloske, Verna Adams, Melvin McLane and myself are having November birthdays. Happy birthday! Cheltzy Cox, who is serving her country in Afghanistan, is having a birthday this month as well. Our prayers are for Cheltzy that she stays healthy and strong serving her country. Thank you and happy birthday.

On Nov. 1st, the Cox family had a wedding shower for A.J. and Lacey Cox at the Senior Center. A.J. and Lacey will make Monument their home as newlyweds and we wish them the best.

Our meal day started with the mountains covered with snow and the weather was cold, but the spirits of the 53 people attending the meal were warm. It was good to see folks visiting, having a great time and enjoying the delicious homemade chili, cornbread, crisp green salad, and Carrie's very yummy cinnamon rolls.

Besides good food and conviviality, Donna Campbell received the free bus pass, Carolyn Skiles the certificate from Chester's Thriftway and Claudia DeRoos got the free meal. Ryan Vote, son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Vote, is visiting his parents while he is on leave from duty in Iraq. We thank you Ryan, and your parents, for your dedication, sacrifice and serving for our freedom.

There is a change on the Prairie City bus trip: Instead of Nov. 26, the trip will be on the 19th, as Prairie City will have their Thanksgiving meal then. We are asked to bring a small salad or dessert, but this is optional. We hope there are enough people interested in making the trip. The bus must have at least six travelers in order to make the trip.

As many of you know, I was born in Mexico and English is my second language. I try very hard to use good English and sometimes I wince when I hear not-very-correct English, such as, "I seen" instead of "I saw." This reminds me of the joke about the hobo who asked a lady if he could have a bite to eat. The lady asked him if he saw that pile of wood in her yard, meaning that she'd like to have him chop it for her. He replied, "Yes, I seen it." She said to him, "Do you mean to say, 'you saw it?'" To this, the hobo responded, "Lady, you saw me see it, but you ain't gonna see me saw it!"

Submitted by Sylvia Cockrell.

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