MONUMENT - Tuesday, June 6, brought 59 good people out to eat and sent seven meals out. The take outs taste just as good as the others, but you miss the good company and Mexican Train afterwards.

We ate chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, hot rolls and delicious strawberry-Jello cake. The entire meal made us appreciate our cooks.

Nadine Bradley had two of her grandkids, Catlin and Trey, here with her. And Zee Tankersley did a great job on loading up the bus in Spray and bringing us a busload of good friends, and nearly neighbors. There was Jim, Selma and Odell Adams, Margie and Kail Wells, Marvin Britt, Ed Calhoun, Erval and Marion Sexton, plus Wayne Sexton from Fossil.

Our fearless leader, Jack Sweek, reminded everyone that Saturday was bingo night.

They had the board election, with Bodean Anderson and Marva Walker's positions open, no one ran against them so they still fill the positions. I think we'll have to make the whole board sound very prestigious and call them "sir and ma'am." Or have the ones now act like they are just having so much fun they can't hardly stay on the ground. Then everybody would want to run for office. Jack also mentioned that a memorial service would be held on June 30 for Barney Cork. The full obituary was in last week's, June 27, Blue Mountain Eagle.

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