MONUMENT - On Tuesday, Aug. 26, we had some very tasty barbecued spare ribs, coleslaw, baked beans and the birthday cake was a strawberry shortcake. And 54 people were here to enjoy it.

We had several guests; some of them I can name and even tell you where they are from, but there were several of the faculty and staff from school here for their annual "hello" dinner, and no one gave me a nice clearly written list. Therefore, they were all very nice and we'll find out their names later. We also had Susan Carter and Roberta Bennett from Long Creek, Lela Stoan from John Day, Lisa Hatley from here in Monument and Bodean Andersen's daughter, Terry Bowlus from North Carolina.

Don't forget, the trip to Ukiah is on Friday, Aug. 29. Also, there are some pitted prunes on the front table for anyone who wants them. Betty Richards has provided plastic bags for same.

The certificate winners were Pam Callahan, free meal; Gus Petersen, Chester's Thriftway; Jennie Mund, Len's Drugs; and Betty Richards, Guys and Gals.

A few days ago I was about to melt and run down in my shoes, and wore the very least amount of clothes that decency allowed. Then two nights ago, I got up in the wee hours hunting for another quilt for my bed and keep an afghan handy while watching late night TV. For one thing, we don't have to worry about the weather being monotonous.

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