MONUMENT - Tuesday, Sept. 28, was a good day. We had good people and good food.

There were 45 people here and the menu was tacos, refried beans, fruit and cinnamon rolls.

They had a board meeting before dinner, but must not have made any serious decisions. Or they just didn't want me to know anything about it because they didn't tell me anything.

There was a full list for toenail cutting. Don't know about the rest of them, but I sure felt better.

They have some good trips ahead, one to Ukiah on Friday, Oct. 8, and then one to the High Desert Museum near Bend on Wednesday, Oct. 13. Be sure to get your name on the list. They had such a good trip when they went to Ukiah last time, they want to go again.

This won't help a bit, but the kids will have had a home game against Crane, Friday, Oct. 1. I'm going to get a game schedule so I can stay ahead of them. Our Tiger boys and girls, are really doing good this year. They don't care how good the other team is supposed to be; they just step up and beat them.

If you've got grandkids or kids playing, why don't you go watch them play? You'll be proud and the kids will appreciate it. You can exercise your lungs, and jumping up and down with the cheerleaders will keep your circulation going too.

I got pretty involved when my three youngest were playing. One time at Spray, I outran Vic Post halfway down the field, and I didn't even have any blockers. My ex-husband was pretty sarcastic with me and wouldn't even sit on the same side of the gym with me.

Our certificate winners were Ruth Peterson, free meal; Larry Vote, Len's Drug; and Carolyn Trujillo (me), Chester's Thriftway.

The hunters are beginning to swarm, and some of the younger ones are getting their game and getting it over with. The two little girls south of us did a fantastic job. Willy Jewell wasn't that young or a girl, but he got a dandy big bull. That will be something he will always remember.

This weather is something else; there are so many trees changing colors, yet we're having 90-plus degree weather. I have a feeling it will be up close to next year before I start griping about snow and cold. Another sure sign of fall is the cows coming home!

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