MONUMENT - Thirty-six people turned out to enjoy dinner on Tuesday, Dec. 5, and it was enjoyable. We ate Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots, hot rolls and yellow cake with white icing. It was delicious!

We didn't have any guests, or any out-of-town guests, so to speak. Our ladies from Long Creek were here, but they're just "homefolks" now.

Our "fearless leader," Jack Sweek, announced a few things, some of which will already be over by the time you read this, but we will "announce" them as they were given. There will be a big chili feed and fun time over at Winlock, Saturday, Dec. 9. There will be great food and good music. The bus will go, if enough people are interested. That's also the date for the "Truck Parade" in John Day. Tiina Schutz also reminded people of the Home Extension "Cookie Caper" on the 13th at the Senior Center. Now that one you might be able to make, just read the paper early in the morning, hurry and bake two or three dozen cookies and hurry over to the Senior Center. By the way, we're all happy to learn that Tiina's son, Matte, is recovering quite well.

I should have written this yesterday, then I wouldn't have completely forgotten Dec. 7. We can remember July 4 and it began 230 years ago, so why can't we remember something that happened only 65 years ago? I have better luck with that than something that happened 15 minutes ago.

Lewis Miller is over at the nursing home in Prairie City now. Hi, Lewis, and hi to all the caretakers over there. I told Lewis how great all of you guys are, so "please" don't make me out a liar.

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