MONUMENT - On Tuesday, Feb. 9, the menu was enchilada casserole, green salad, corn chips and mandarin orange cake for dessert. And there were 43 of us to eat it.

Folks seem to be staying close to home and we didn't have any out-of-town guests this week. Maybe when the weather gets better which, as weird as it may sound, may be pretty soon.

Marva and Calla saw a sand rat running across the highway about two weeks ago. I saw bees out on the patio a week ago, plus I killed three big mosquitoes.

The elm tree is popping buds, my daffodils are about six inches tall and I've seen a dove and a woodpecker at the feeder, among my little winter birds. Haven't heard of or seen any buttercups yet, but there's an awful lot of "spring signs" out there.

The 4-H oranges and grapefruits are in season also. You'll have to call Terry Cade at 541-934-2081 to find out about the amounts and prices. If they are anything like before, they're delicious!

I've been trying to find out when Krista, our "toenail fairy," will be back, but the closest I can find out is that it will be between Feb. 19 and March 2. I'll let you know when I find out a date for sure.

The certificate winners were Sue Cavender, free meal; Christy Howell, Chester's Thriftway; Carolyn Skiles, Len's Drug; and Ruth Petersen, Guys and Gals Hair Care. Our "thank yous" go out to all who donate the very nice certificates.

If anyone in Grant County or even here in Monument reads this and would like a nice tasty dinner, then come on over and join us. Our cooks are great and our seniors friendly. Just make sure it's Tuesday at noon.

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