MONUMENT - Tuesday, April 24 was a lovely day, and brought 58 nice, friendly people out to eat meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and chocolate birthday cake. And the all sang "Happy Birthday" to Charlotte Howell, Bruce Strange, Betty Richards, and one of our cooks, Carrie Jewell, and whether she was here or not Linda Blakeslee had a birthday on April 29. Many happy returns to all of you.

Bodean Andersen had daughter, Tiffany, her husband, Dale, and their two children as guests. There was a Jarry, we couldn't make out the last name, and Jesse Carrie that we couldn't say where she was from, and Bruce Dunn and daughter, Whitney, from Chehalis, Wash.

Bingo will be here Saturday night, but I already told you that. Family, Community and Education is holding a spring fling on May 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Senior Center. Cost is $5 per person. There will also be a Dutch auction and potluck lunch. Come and enjoy. There will be individual tables set up with all kinds of goodies.

Donna Campbell won the certificate from Chester's Thriftway and Jack Sweek got the free meal.

Wilma, I enjoyed your comparison between the generations last week, reminds me of one I read about 30 years ago. It read, "Us old folks know more about being young that you youngsters know about being old." Also made quite a difference on where I fit on the "age ladder." Hey, I wasn't even "middle-aged" then!

And Marjorie, I was thrilled to see your take on names and faces. I thought I was all by myself, I wasn't, am not, much better on faces than with names. I have been introduced to people, spoke to them, then 15 minutes later I've stood and looked at them and wondered if I know this person, do they know me, have I ever seen them before? I have kind of a "routine" worked out, if I'm just standing there with my "deer in the headlights look," then there is absolutely no point of recognition, face or names. On the other hand, if I'm chattering like a magpie, and acting way too friendly, then I have recognized a name, or a face, and I'm trying frantically to hear some tiny little bit of information that will give me some kind of clue! Or we could wear a little sign around our necks, saying, "My mind is a complete blank. Please tell me if I know you and why?"

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