MONUMENT - Well it looks like some of the people traveling have come home! We had 53 for dinner, plus five takeouts. We ate almond chicken casserole, green salad, little pillow rolls and peach crisp. Delicious!

Janice Hunt won the free meal. One of these days someone is going to stop by Chester's and pick up the certificates there.

Little Benjamin Soyster's home again. And doing well I'm told. He's the little feller who encountered the rattlesnake a couple of weeks ago. When I first heard about it I decided that if that were me and mine, I would plow the yard up and cement over it! Then I thought about my three youngest and the fact that they had been raised in some of the snakiest country in Grant and Harney county, and all of us ran into the reptiles with an attitude, without any physical harm. By the end of summer your nerves would be pretty "ouchy" though!

Hey, the Williams kids are home again! I haven't seen them yet, but I will. There's Chuck, Carolyn and Barbara from California and Walt from Washington. They are some of my favorite people and it makes me feel better just knowing they're in town.

I've always known Monument was a special place, and people are what makes places special, but lately Monument is overflowing with good fairies! Awhile back a couple of lovely girls came and hauled my garbage away, another came by and brought me fresh asparagus, twice! Also, my special set of good fairies brought me some more. I'm always going to pickle some, but end up eating it and have pickled none yet. Then a couple of weeks ago someone came by and mowed my lawn while I was having one of my short naps. Then today I was awake and someone mowed it again. I'm pretty slow getting around and to the windows, so missed seeing who it was again. I was pretty sure I knew who it was the first time, but now I'm not sure, so I may have two lawn fairies!

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