MONUMENT - July 7 was a fine day and 47 people came out to enjoy it and a delicious meal of lasagna, green salad, Italian bread, watermelon and cantaloupe.

Pete Scardina from Livermore, Calif., was here; Pete is a Williams grandkid. Mary Ann Powell from Garber, Okla., and Carla and C.E. Henderson from LaHoma, Okla., were here while visiting Wally and Marva Walker.

We've been so lucky with all the wonderful donations that we have been gifted with this summer and very thankful for one and all.

This last week we received another one, a little different but greatly appreciated. The first thing I heard was when Carrie told me the freezer at the Senior Center was full of beef! My mind has never ran on the exact same tracks as everyone else and I immediately pictured the walk-in freezer stuffed with two or three fat steers.

Actually, it was filled with a large amount of processed beef. So, we are sending a large amount of "thank yous" to Strawberry Mountain Natural Beef. And we'll repeat it every time we enjoy it.

The certificate winners were Lois Groves, Len's Drug; Bodean Andersen, Chester's Thriftway; Betty Shrofe, bus ticket; and Diane Glinger, free meal.

The fireworks in Monument have been mentioned a couple of times in the Eagle, so I want to add another. Jeremy Boyer has done a fantastic job with our fireworks display. I can see the display from one of my kitchen windows and also hear it.

Button, my cat, didn't care much for the fireworks though; she ran and hid and I didn't see her till the next day. I think it's cool; here we are, a little quiet country town and our fireworks are just as big and pretty as anyone else's. A job well done, Jeremy.

I've already got my new room cooler thanks to Jerry Cowger and the senior bus. I ordered it on one of the hot, hot days a week ago. It will be hot again, so I'm very pleased.

It's nearly time for me to go to my annual Mitchell picnic. We'll go over on Friday and probably come home Sunday. I will probably be worn to a frazzle and no doubt, my tongue will be numb!

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