MONUMENT - Our menu for March 10 was lasagna, focaccio bread, green salad, pears and peanut butter cookies. We had 36 in attendance for dinner.

Next Tuesday, March 17, we will have corned beef and cabbage, generously donated by David Freeman.

We signed another card for Marvin Nichols. It seems to me that we've been adding a lot of names recently. And even if we miss a card, no one has been forgotten and our prayers and thoughts are with everyone.

The bus went to John Day today and the trip was reported to be enjoyable. The weather was pretty, even if you didn't want to tarry outside the bus. It was pretty chilly last night. Some reported 11 degrees; others, 9 degrees. Mitchell had 11 degrees and Jacksonville, Fla. had 85.

The bus is going to Ukiah on Friday, March 20. Heard the dinner was going to consist of biscuits, sausage and gravy! I want to go, but my home health nurse is coming that day, so I can't make it. Maybe I can tell her to come early and she can go with us.

The certificate winners were Betty Breeding, Chester's Thriftway; Bill Nicholls, free meal; Betty Richards, bus ticket; and Lee DeRoos, Len's Drug.

Sometimes there's gaps between my thinking and writing and it showed up last week. Other than mentioning "Prineville Men's Wear," I forgot to mention that "Hamburger Dan's" was located in Prineville. Just because I know where it's at, I figure everybody knows!

I had all kinds of wonderful phone calls today, from all over the country. And there's still some that haven't checked in yet. There's a good-sized bunch of us who are all the same age - nearly - but they're all 74 years old and I'm only 47! I've got the right numbers and can put them in any order I want.

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