Mt. Vernon arrest could lead to sex trafficking charges after missing 15-year-old found

Andy Vogt

A 15-year-old girl missing from Eagle, Idaho, was found at a home in Mt. Vernon after the Grant County Sheriff’s Office was tipped off by law enforcement in Boise.

According to an Oct. 31 press release from Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer, the girl was taken into protective custody and the occupant and owner of the home on Ingle Street in Mt. Vernon was arrested.

Andy Alan Vogt, 48, has been charged with first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and first-degree sexual abuse, according to Oregon court records. Vogt also faces a misdemeanor charge of pointing a firearm at the girl.

The rape by forcible compulsion or kidnapping charges could carry state sentences of up to 20 years in prison, but Vogt could be facing federal charges.

Palmer said his office received a request for an agency assist from the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Boise on Oct. 29. Deputy Brandon Hutchison responded to Vogt’s residence on Ingle Street, where the girl was believed to be, and located her.

The investigation and search warrant service concluded in the afternoon of Oct. 31, Palmer said. His office is currently working with the Ada County and Deschutes County sheriff’s offices along with the Oregon State Police and FBI.

In the information filed Oct. 30 by District Attorney Jim Carpenter, the crimes were alleged to have taken place between Oct. 21-29.

Carpenter accused Vogt of confining the girl in a place where she couldn’t be found “with the purpose of furthering the commission of or an attempt to commit the crime of first-degree rape and unlawful sexual penetration.”

Vogt appeared in court Oct. 30. Grant County Circuit Court Judge William D. Cramer Jr. set bail at $500,000 and ordered Vogt not to contact the alleged victim or her family or any minor females if released on bail. Vogt is scheduled to appear in court again Nov. 5.

Palmer said his office and the Ada County Sheriff’s Office will be working with federal prosecutors and the FBI for potential charges of interstate sex trafficking of a minor child.

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