4 Oregon State students start unique local delivery business.

Students may never have to travel further than their front door to retrieve a bag of chips or a six-pack of soda.

Store to Your Door will bring it right to them.

Store to Your Door is a local food delivery business that Oregon State University students started.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., Store to Your Door delivers an abundance of snacks, beverages and supplies to students residing near campus. Delivery is guaranteed to take 20 minutes or less and requires a minimum purchase of $3 with a $1 delivery fee.

To get the delivery service, residents text the Store to Your Door number and will receive a response from one of the four student deliverymen. The text must specify the items from their menu needing delivery, the delivery address and whether cash or card will be used for payment.

Just a few short minutes later, a Store to Your Door delivery person will be on the porch wearing a bright orange Store to Your Door hat and a backpack full of snacks and beverages.

Brandon Arceneaux, founder of Store to Your Door and an OSU junior studying business, frequently had Jimmy Johns deliver him sub sandwiches during his freshman year. One night, all Arceneaux wanted was an oatmeal raisin cookie delivered right to his door. Jimmy Johns refused to deliver him the cookie unless he ordered a sandwich as well.

He realized that without purchasing the sandwich, students couldn't get chips, soda or cookies delivered.

This sparked an idea.

"I decided to combine the same convenience Jimmy Johns offers and apply that same idea to 7-Eleven," Arceneaux said.

Arceneaux began his quest to provide students with a new snack delivery company by joining the entrepreneurship club.

He pitched his idea and dipped into some money he had been saving since high school.

"I see a need that hasn't been met, and I am going to do my best to meet it," Arceneaux said.

Arceneaux then got a business license with the state of Oregon and teamed up with fellow students Saul Boulanger, Hendrik Tammekivi and Wyatt Travis.

Arceneaux and his team of three already had bikes; all they needed was snack inventory, 2,000 business cards with menu options and contact info and lights for their bikes.

The entire start-up has cost Arceneaux just more than $300.

Store to Your Door has been servicing students who reside within 12th Street and 37th Street and in between Jefferson Avenue and Grant Avenue for three weeks.

Ashley Luechauer, a senior studying animal science, came home to find one of Store to Your Door's business cards on her front porch several weeks ago. At first she said she was skeptical, but just had to try it out.

"There are definitely nights when I'm already in my PJs and could use a bag of popcorn or a Dr. Pepper, but going out in public just wouldn't be an option," Luechauer said.

Luechauer said she is fond of the Store to Your Door's movie pack, which includes six bags of popcorn, a six-pack of soda and two candy bars for $6.

Store to Your Door is currently in a test-run only, servicing a select area of Corvallis around campus. By the end of the school year, they hope to be servicing everywhere within a mile of campus.

Arceneaux said business has been doing well and better than they anticipated.

The delivery company prides itself on adhering to the Corvallis paper bag laws and being environmentally friendly with their packaging and transportation.

Store to Your Door's menu and contact can be found on their Facebook page.

Courtney Gehring

Greek and clubs reporter


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