After months of planning and building, the Blue Mountain Eagle website, has recently moved into new online digs.

But just as when you move into a new building, home or apartment, you may find a few problems here and there. For example, a faucet is broken, a door doesn’t shut right or a light switch won’t turn on.

So if you find a few glitches in our first few weeks of operation, let us know and we’ll fix them as soon as possible. We’re in the midst of significant renovations and hope your feedback will help the site evolve quickly.

We’re still going to bring you the same top-quality go-and-do stories and events for Grant County you’ve come to expect from our print publication, only more of it. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find:

Interactivity. We want to hear from you. You’ll be able to start or join a conversation by commenting on our stories, blogs and other multimedia elements. We’ll also create interactive polls. And we’re giving you the opportunity to share your own photos, YouTube videos and stories with us and other readers. You’ll also have the ability to create your own blog on the site. Each of you can create your own profiles – share your interests, social sites and contact information. Enter and vote in contests and more!

Mobile. Take us with you! We now have a mobile site, which offers a simplified version of our site. You can always browse the full site if you wish.

RSS feeds. Subscribe to our RSS feeds and you’ll get all the news as we post it, plus all of our stories, multimedia, and blogs. Sign up for our calendar and you’ll never miss an event.

Here’s a closer look at our site:

Design. The first thing you’ll notice is the layout with a visual slideshow that gives you a quick glance at the featured stories.  Pages are designed to help you easily and quickly find what you need. Headlines, stories and visuals exist in a clear hierarchy to guide you through the news.

Easy navigation. Across the top of our front page, you’ll see a weather feature and a search tool. Directly below the nameplate, you’ll see our main sections for News, Sports, Opinion, Life, Obituaries, Weather, Multimedia, e-editions, Classifieds and Marketplace. Click to find the stories and features you want. At the bottom of the site is another navigation feature and search box so you don’t have to return to the top of the site to get these features. Browse any of the many special sections designed around specific topics – Climate Change, Hunting, Bloomers and more.

Calendar. Calendar items may not have transferred over from our old site, so readers should check on any they are involved with and re-enter them if they are missing. The new calendar will feature interactive tools for you include the option to email a friend, print, ask a question and more. Full event details, street maps, photos, videos and more can be displayed with each event. You can search or browse events by keywords, cost, dates, venue, location, or features like just for kids, seniors, 18 and over, family friendly, free, and more. You can post and edit your own events through your profile dashboard.

Performers. You can upload profile pages and edit them through your profile dashboard. You can tie your performer page to calendar events and more.

Multimedia. Sometimes text isn’t enough. There will be tons of photos in the galleries, slideshows, audio, and video. Allow plenty of time to browse. You’ll be able to watch our videos in full-screen on your computer, iPod or mobile phone. It’s your choice. Take our audio with you. We offer mp3s for download. This stuff is cool, and we’re eager to bring you more.

Additional Features. At the top of each story you’ll know if it’s been updated, you can increase and decrease the font size of articles, tabs will make it easy to identify if there are related comments, video, resources, photos and more.

Article tools. Every article carries sharing tools so you can quickly share stories. You can post comments at the bottom of any story, or join in on a conversation already there. And you’ll be able to print, e-mail or share the story via social networking sites such as Facebook, and digg.

Cool tools. Facebook recommendation boxes can be found on many of the pages so you can see what stories are being shared by others and even your fiends on Facebook. Track what others are reading and saying through our Most Popular and Most Commented lists. See what they are recommending.

E-editions. You’ll love the fact that our e-edition resembles the print product and it’s easy to read. You can perform keyword searches and make use of the clickable e-mail and URL links.

Topic pages. When you click on a tag associated with an article, you will be redirected to a Topics page that drills into the database to find similarly tagged articles, photos and videos for the most complete coverage on topics that are of interest to you.

More source material. We’ll include documents, links, info boxes, maps, if you go information, facts, etc.

Links. We’ll connect you to previous Blue Mountain Eagle stories or blogs or to links from outside sources, such as venues.

Newsletters. Join our e-mail newsletter to have that week’s arts and entertainment news delivered to your in box.

Shopping. Shop the classifieds on Check out our robust business directory dedicated to eastern Oregon businesses.

We want your feedback about this site, the coverage or ways we can make or Blue Mountain Eagle better and more useful for you as you live, visit, work and play in Grant County. Contact us at

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