New place to park (bikes) at 7th Street

<I>Contributed photo</I><BR>Parker Burton secures one rack on a trailer, as Hussein Umar, an exchange student from Denmark, and Eagle Scout candidate Nathan Wunz (right) observe. Wunz and his helpers installed the racks at the Seventh Street Complex in John Day.

JOHN DAY - Bicyclists riding to enjoy events at the Seventh Street Sports Complex now have sturdy racks in which to park their bikes.

Nathan Wunz installed the two bike racks at the Seventh Street Sports Complex last November to complete the community service requirement for the rank of Eagle Scout.

He selected this project in cooperation with John Day/Canyon City Parks and Recreation director Art Thunnell.

A Scout striving for the Eagle rank must plan a project and lead other youth in completing it.

The bike racks were created from square steel tubing and required a lot of cutting, welding and grinding. A rectangular frame was welded together, measuring 8 feet long by 30 inches tall. Two pieces of tubing were welded perpendicular to the frame, one on each end. Next, vertical braces to hold the bike tires were welded into place.

After that, the finish was ground down, primed and painted. One bike rack is red and the other blue.

Isaac Whitman, Lance Burton and Bill Sevey did the welding. Daniel Soupir, Charles McNeil, and Eric Smith ground the bike racks to get them ready for the paint. Much of the priming and painting was done by Eric Smith. Parker Burton and Hussein Umar helped with transporting and installing the bike racks.

Eric Wunz was present for the entire project as an adult supervisor who is knowledgeable in both metal working and painting. He also helped intermittently with parts of the project. The steel square tubing was provided at discount price by Boyd Britton; the paint and primer was donated by Darren Pettyjohn of Nydam's Ace Hardware. Tools were provided by Eric Wunz.

Nathan said his mentor for the project, Assistant Scout Master Greg Whipple, was instrumental in the effort, and he added that the project would not have been completed without the help of all of the community members and participating Scouts.

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