Nick gets extra helping of support


MONUMENT - The third annual May Day Prime Rib dinner hosted by the Monument Volunteer EMTs on Sunday, April 30, was once again a great success. This year, all proceeds from the dinner and last-minute pie auction were given to the Nick Lawrence Fund to help with medical expenses and subsequent trips to and from Portland for Nick's ongoing cancer treatments. A grand total of $2,386 was donated from the dinner, with addition donations still coming in.

The EMTs served 193 folk who showed their incredible support for the cause of this young gentleman by coming in droves from the surrounding communities of Long Creek, Spray and beyond. Monument, of course, was well represented, with many people bringing out-of-town friends from as far away as Idaho and Bend.

Diners were served a generous portion of prime rib accompanied by Sylvia Cockrell's famous "Potatoes Au Sylvia," veggies, salad and sumptuous desserts completed the menu.

In the dessert category, we were inundated with pies of all kinds made by some wonderful local ladies from Monument and Long Creek, whose generosity in the baking department allowed for the auctioning of extra pies as an additional fund-raising effort during each meal sitting.

Zee Tankersley from Spray was gracious enough to be our pie auctioneer for the first meal sitting and my goodness did she get those folks digging deep into their pockets!

Monument's own Brad Smith rose to the challenge and lent his talents as on-the-spot auctioneer to sell off the remaining pies to those folks who arrived for the second round of dinner.

It is at times such as this that the community spirit shows it is indeed alive, well and thriving and makes one's heart swell with gratitude at the open heartedness to be found in today's small villages.

The generosity of those such as Ed Anderson - who as usual volunteered his talents as chief prime rib cooker, all 250 pounds of it - to the folks who remained, unasked, to assist with the chore of cleaning up that night shows the clock can indeed be turned back to times when neighbors jumped in with both feet to help neighbors.

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