T-10987 filed by C G ENTERPRISES, LLC, proposes an additional point of diversion under Certificate 25550. The right allows the use of ONE-FORTIETH of one cubic foot per second per acre irrigated from April 1 to September 30; further limited to 1.0 acre-foot per acre per calendar month to July 1 and 3/4 acre-foot per acre thereafter; total 5.0 acre-feet per acre for each acre irrigated during the irrigation season of each year for IRRIGATION of 133.1 acres, LIVESTOCK and DOMESTIC (priority date 1867) from the JOHN DAY RIVER through the Tucker Ditch in Sec. 16, T 13 S, R 34 E, W.M. The applicant proposes an additional point of diversion approximately 1/2 mile downstream to: in Sec. 17, T 13 S, R 34 E, W.M.

The Water Resources Department has concluded that the proposed transfer appears to be consistent with the requirements of ORS Chapter 540 and OAR 690-380-5000.

Any person may file, jointly or severally, with the Department a protest or standing statement within 30 days after the date of final publication of notice in the Department's weekly notice or of this newspaper notice, whichever is later. A protest from and additional information on filing protests may be obtained by calling (503) 986-0883. The last date of newspaper publication is September 22nd, 2010. If no protests are filed, the Department will issue a final order consistent with the preliminary determination.

9/8, 9/15, 9/22

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