Notice is hereby given that The Nature Conservancy, a District of Columbia non-profit corporation ("TNC") invites qualified contractors to submit sealed proposals (in each case, a "Bid") for construction of the project known as the "Middle Fork John Day Habitat Improvement Project, 2007" (the "Project"), located at the Dunstan Homestead Preserve, 71068 Middle Fork Lane, Bates, Oregon, 97817; located between mile markers 13 and 15 on Grant County Road 20 (Middle Fork Lane), in Grant County, Oregon (the "Site").

This Project will address two main objectives: 1) fish and wildlife habitat improvement through the placement of in-stream structures, and removal of existing large rock bank stabilization structures, and 2) the creation of aquatic pools in the Middle Fork John Day river. The Project will restore channel form, enhance rearing and refugial habitat for aquatic resources, and restore riparian and wetland habitat for wildlife in 1.25 miles of the Middle Fork John Day River.

Those making Bids (in each case, a "Bidder") should note that this Notice, together with the other documentation referenced therein, constitutes an integral part of the Bid Package with Contract Documents, dated May 2, 2007, under which this Notice is given (collectively, the "Bid Package").

? Bids must be received at 27392 Bragga Way Road, John Day,Oregon 97845 (telephone number 541-932-4314) (the "John Day Office") no later than 12 noon on Friday, June 8, 2007 at which time they will be opened. Questions about the Project may be directed to Jeff Fields, Construction Manager, at the telephone listed above.

? No Bid will be accepted from any Bidder who is not licensed under the contractor licensing law(s) of the state in which the Project is located (in each case, a "Contractor Licensing Law"), and the Bidder's license number and expiration date of the license shall appear in the Bid.

? Each Bid shall be in accordance with the drawings, plans, specifications, special provisions, and other contract documents contained in the Bid Package, and shall be submitted on the Bid form prescribed in the Bid Package.

? Prime contractors and subcontractors may obtain copies of the drawings, specifications, and contract documents from TNC's John Day ( 541) 932-4314 or Portland ( 503) 802-8100 Offices, at no cost for each set obtained on CD or paying fifty dollars ($50.00) for each printed set.

? A mandatory pre-bid conference for Bidders will be held on Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 9:00 a.m. local time at the Site. Attendance at this conference is mandatory, and a Bidder's failure to attend this conference will result in automatic rejection of that Bidder's Bid.

? Bidders should note that, due to the unusual requirements involved in a project of this nature, they must demonstrate experience completing projects of similar scope and complexity.

? TNC reserves the right to reject any or all Bids or to waive any irregularities or informalities in any Bids or in the bidding. No Bidder may withdraw its Bid for a period of thirty (30) days after the opening of Bids without the consent of TNC.

The Nature Conservancy

Grant County, Oregon

May 2007

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