Blue Mountain Nursing Home is a 48-bed, intermediate care facility.  We are a nonprofit organization affiliated with Blue Mountain Hospital. We are Medicaid certified only (not Medicare) providing long-term care, day care and respite care.

    We take pride in the care we provide for those who live in our facility. We provide a safe homelike environment, with loving caring staff. Our mission is to give our residents the love and dignity they deserve.  Our residents are “part of the family.”  

    Each resident is required to have a local physician who will make rounds at the nursing home every 30 days, for the first 90 days, then every 60 days thereafter.  Appointments will be made at the physicians’ office more often if necessary.

    Blue Mountain Nursing Home employs licensed nursing staff 24 hours a day and certified nursing assistants to provide the day-to-day care for our residents. Blue Mountain Nursing Home has always met or exceeded the states mandated staffing ratio. We have an excellent dietary staff that serves delicious home-cooked meals under the supervision of a Registered Dietician. They offer special diets to meet every resident’s needs.  The last Thursday of each month, the residents devise their own menu for the lunch meal. 

    Blue Mountain Nursing Home also has full-time social service department that meets the psychosocial needs of each resident, based on their individual needs and choices. The activities department provides and encourages all types of activities such as gardening, picnics, fishing trips, weekly summer drives and regular lunches at the Senior Centers. Our residents are also encouraged to continue to enjoy the same activities they did prior to coming to the nursing home.

    The nursing home has a mini-bus that transports residents to and from medical appointments, as well as, all the out-of-facility activities.

    We also have a licensed beautician on staff five days a week.  She does haircuts, perms and also manicures.  Haircuts and manicures are included in the basic daily rate for nursing home care. We have housekeeping services provided five days a week and laundry services six days a week, both are also included in the all inclusive rate.

    Visitors are welcome to visit the nursing home anytime.  We are happy to give tours. The rooms are decorated with color coordinated curtains, wallpaper borders and all rooms have heating/air conditioning units.  Residents are encouraged to furnish the room with personal items, as space allows.

   Placing a family member in a nursing facility is one of the most difficult things a person can do. The staff at Blue Mountain Nursing Home can help make this decision a little easier.  We provide a warm, caring atmosphere and encourage family members to continually be a part of this.

  The following staff at the nursing home would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we encourage you to visit the website to do a nursing home comparison of your own.

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