One might wonder what Obama and School Teachers have to do with the Eagle Challenge. As I write this first paragraph, I do to.

There is no doubt that President Obama's fiscal policies and the thought looming increased personal and corporate taxes has made my weight loss problematic to say the least. I feel like a bear whose instincts are telling him to fatten up before winter sets in (Everyone knows that skinny bears don't make it through the winter). Why I can't drive by Dairy Queen without thinking, "You'd better stop and get a Blizzard before Obama takes them all way!"

The same thing happens when I see Fig Newtons. I'm sure increased corporate taxes and forced health care are going to drive Nabisco out of business forever. Then I'll surely be hosed!! How is a bear supposed to make it through winter without Blizzards and Fig Newtons?!?

Enough about our new President. Schoolteachers are the real reason for this blog. Schoolteachers and inspiration. Those salubrious teachers are doing great aren't they. They remind me of the Pinkerton men that are always chasing Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in that movie. Every time Robert Redford (That would be Don Mooney from our team) turns around he sees those damn Pinkerton men right on their heels. He always says, "Who are those guys." That's the way I feel about those Schoolteachers.

They have inspired me though. I mean this in the nicest way possible when I say that I'm ready to kick some Schoolteacher butt. From here to the end of the challenge, I'm not letting down at all. Whenever I feel weak I'll tell myself, "Hey Mr. Hibernating Bear, lets go kick some Schoolteacher butt!"

No more Dairy Queen (for a few months). No more Fig Newtons. No more hibernating. The One Ton of Rock and Roll will rise up and smite Obama and (nicely) kick some Schoolteacher butt!

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